Welcome to my fashion blog, Live Up Fashion! Find out everything you need to know about my personal fashion style, home decor, latest trends and my fashion brand, Graciously Loved.

My name is Vanelys but most of my friends call me "V". 

A little bit about me :)

I have lived in Miami all my life but I have traveled to many parts of the world
I have visited about 30 something countries
My love of fashion started when I was a little girl watching Mary Kate and Ashley Movies
I probably shop way to much but I can't control myself.. lol
I graduated from FIU with a Marketing Bachelor
And then I attended MIU (Miami University of Art & Design) to follow my dreams of becoming a Fashion Designer
I love all things girly and I especially love a good Mani and Pedi
I have a pretty amazing boyfriend and the cutest dog ever :)
Reality TV is a must and very entertaining even though its fake..... most of the time
I can never deny a good salad... it's my weakness
I'm a Fashion Designer 
My clothing brand is called Graciously Loved
I believe in doing what you love, working hard and success will follow

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