Coachella Must Haves...

I love the festival fashion! Everything about this fashion trend is so awesome lol... the colorful clothes, the crop tops, the earrings, beaded purses, beautiful matching sets and etc. It was so hard trying to find my favorite pieces and I couldn't even fit everything I wanted to fit into this page but I will make another post about Coachella trends part 2.

The first weekend of Coachella is fast approaching. I have never gone to Coachella but I know all about the hype that comes with it. I have always wanted to go and experience everything that their is to offer but maybe one year I will finally go. Who knows!? Maybe next year when Beyonce headlines the show.. Now it's trying to figure out which weekend she will be performing lol.

At least I can experience the fashion! Check out all the latest trends for festival season and shop away!

XOXO, Vanelys



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