Spring Blossom...

Happy Tuesday!! It's been a few weeks that I have not been able to post on the blog. I have been busy with many things lately.... but none of those things are important anymore and I need to start putting my priorities straight again... which means more blog post and more picture taking!! I will also be sharing some exciting news in the next few weeks or perhaps the next few days. 

I will give you a hint..... My dream is finally becoming a reality and I have also mention it a few times on the blog before. (Ahhhh) I hope that was a good enough clue to make you figure it out :)

Now to the outfit. We are still in "Spring Fashion" and I wanted to put my best foot forward with this flower set. At  first I was hesitate in getting this outfit, I thought maybe it was too much flowers and I left the store without buying it. After a few days with this outfit on my mind I went back to the store and knew that I had to buy it. This is usually how I do my shopping, I always leave without the item that I really want just to make sure that I actually want it instead of doing an impulse buy. 

The flowers are too beautiful with all the different colors of roses on them. It's a perfect outfit for any daytime occasion!

Hope you enjoy the outfit!


TOP: Nordstrom {Exact}
SKIRT: Nordstrom {Exact}
SHOES: Christian Louboutin
PURSE: Celine 

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