Pink Coat...

Happy Thursday! I don't think I have mentioned this before but I'm on my LAST semester of Fashion Design School. It's only my second week and I have been extremely busy with presentations and projects. I also started a new internship last week, called "Peace, World, Love". It's a really famous company, so I sure most of you have heard of it. The clothing is comfy and casual.

Spring has been on full throttle on the blog lately and I must say I love it. The soft tunes of pink, blue, yellow, purple and etc are beautiful for this time of the year.

I decided for this look to turn a trench coat into a dress. I some times run out of things to wear (or at least I think in my head that I run out of things to wear), but anyways I wanted to try something different with a coat. Its a very thin material, so being that I live in Miami it was excruciating heat and I felt breezy under my coat.

Hope you guys enjoy the look!

COAT: Forever21 {Similar}, Forever21 {Similar}, Forever21 {Exact}  
PURSE: Gucci {Similar}, Original out of stock 
SHOES: Christian Louboutin {Exact}, Charles David {Similar}

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