I finally got my very first DVF dress. I have been on a hunt for one of their dresses for some time. It's not a usual wrap dress because of the length and that's what attracted me towards this particular one and of course the color. This blue makes a statement and I'm definitely loving it. My favorite part of the dress is that I got it half off in TJ-MAXX. It was on clearance and after some time searching I knew that this was the dress that I needed to have in my wardrobe. 

School has been really busy the last couple of weeks. It's Fashion Show this semester and we have a lot of deadlines to meet if we want to participate in the Fashion Show. I have been working my butt off on trying to met them but it has been tough. I have been running on little sleep and lots of coffee. But I'm totally loving my designs that I'm working on. I have been posting some pieces on Instagram. I'm doing two men outfits and one women. The women is beautiful. It is in all white. I have been wanting to create a piece in all white for some time now and I'm very happy with the outcome of it. The men is a yellow short suit, which makes it interesting and also an evening suit with twist of colors.

I will be posting everything once it's all complete!

I can't wait to show you guys!   


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