Celebrity Inspired: Kylie Jenner

 Kylie Jenner has been setting a lot of trends this past year. I must say even though I kind of hate to admit it, I have been following all of her trends. I'm really liking the edgy and darker side that she is bringing out. Even though she has been getting a lot of criticism on her huge lips, people need to come down. In my opinion, I believe that they are her real lips. People, make-up works wanders! All she is doing is over drawing her outline on her lips. It really is quite simple. I have tired it a few times and it looks good. 

I chose to do this look of her because I'm really into denim clothes and I already had the thigh high boots. Which is my favorite fall piece to wear.  


My Outfit

Dress Asos $56.85
Hat JoJane $28.00
Shoes Urbanog $58.50
Backpack Nordstrom $115.97
Total: $259.32

Kylie's Outfit

Dress Opening Ceremony $410.00
Boots Alice & Olivia $795.00
Purse Givenchy $2,435.00
Total: $3,640.00

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