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Even though the weather doesn't change much in Miami. Lately, I have been dressing in dark colors. Ever since I came back from New York my outfits have consisted of a lot of black and I kinda like the style that it is turning into. I would say it's becoming hipster/goth/rocker/chic (haha). I like the mix, it's kinda interesting and different for me. 

Last Friday, I finished school and I was so thrilled with the fact that I was going to be on a mini vacation for a week. My vacation is about almost over now but I did get to squeeze in some me time and work on my blog. Which kept me pretty busy for the most part. I start again on Monday and I'm excited to start my classes but I'm also nervous. I'm going to be designing menswear, don't get me wrong I love men clothing but it's not "my forte" I know it will be a challenge for me but I'm always up for a challenge. 

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and the awesome quote! These quotes are in the Downtown Miami area. 


Skirt Ross
Purse Gucci

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