Black on Black on Black...

Well, a lot of stuff have happened since I last updated my blog. I know, I'm horrible at updating. I get so caught up in everything that is going on that I sometimes forget to update. I promise I will keep that under control from now on. In the many new things that has happen one of them is that I got an internship in a popular store in Miami called the "The Webster". So far everything is going great and I love it. It's been a great experience being in the fashion industry already. I want to get my hands on everything that I can learn from all the new adventures that I'm starting to venture on.

I also started school about three weeks ago just around the same time I started my internship. This quarter is starting to get a little interesting already. I have a couture class and a knitwear design class for men. It's going to be exciting designing for men. It's something that is totally different.

Fall in Miami doesn't ever happen but the weather is actually starting to clear up. We are getting a good breeze in the mornings now. Even though it's not fall weather at least we have some hope that we might have some type of winter approaching. I love wearing dark colors for this time of the year. We get to bring out all the darker shades of colors that we have in our closet. Black is always the perfect color for night events, especially when you add many different textures of black on top of each other. 

Hope you guys enjoy this look!


Skirt Cici Hot
Jacket Macy's
Shoes Dailylook
Purse Target

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