Houston, We have a Problem...

Finally, that's probably what you guys are thinking. I'm so sorry for abandoning you guys for so long. I have been so busy these last couple of week. I attended New York Fashion Week as a volunteer for the CFDA. Best experience of all time! I was away in New York for almost two weeks and I finally got to Miami on Monday. While I was away I had my mom representing my place in a fashion designer competition called the Heat of Fashion. Well, I got through to the final round and now I have to display a five piece collection to show case in a fashion show for this Saturday. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I have been working non-stop on the collection every since I got into town. It's coming along little by little but it's gonna be long nights ahead from here till Saturday.

Now that I updated you guys on my certain situation. Let me inform you on this blog post. A few weeks ago I went to Houston to visit my sister. She did such an amazing job for her first time as a photographer and she even showed around the cool spots for the pictures, which I will be posting soon. 

One of the spots was NASA, which is pretty cool because the famous quote "Houston, We have a Problem" became popularly. Houston was so hot that weekend! Wearing something that was light weight and cute was the ideal outfit for a typically day in Houston. Any maxi dress is always a good idea especially if it has cut outs. 

Hope you guys enjoy the look!


Dress T.J Maxx
Shoes Target
Purse Louis Vuitton 

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