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During Miami Fashion Week I got to attended four events. I saw a total of 7 fashion shows including some that I worked in as well. On the last day of fashion week I attended the A.Z Araujo. The show was wonderful. They had so many different styles of swimsuits for every body type. They even had a plus size model walking down the runway and that was amazing to see. When she came out to do her walk everyone in the crowd started clapping and standing up for her. It was a wonderful site to see. In today's society we have to mode ourselves into what is acceptable for the runway. Sometimes you just have to be yourself and be proud of what God created you to be. You gotta to own it and work it, in other words (haha). I included a lot of pictures from the event and down below are the pictures from the runway. 

Now for my outfit, I wanted something that was comfortable, refreshing and more refreshing. Miami weather is extremely hot in the summer time. The night time was starting to hit so I wanted to be a little dressed up but still look casual. I found this comfortable jumper from forever21. The amazing hairstyle that I was rocking was done at the tresemme style lounge. It was actually very easy to do. I will be rocking it some more on the blog. The hair style was what I needed to not have my hair all over the place.  

Hope you guys enjoy!!


Jumper Forever21 (Exact)
Bracelet Neiman Marcus
Purse Guess (Similar)
Shoes Target (Similar)

Fashion Show

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