Staying home for the "2-5"...

 Why can't staying home for your birthday be any fun?? Like having a cake fight! I have always wanted to have a food fight. You can even say it's been a dream of mine (lol). I remember when I was younger I watched "It Takes Two" with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and one of the scenes from the movie was a food fight with sloppy joe and ever since then I wanted to do this. Expect I didn't think it would get this messy (haha). My original plan for this photo shoot was to have a pretty cake and wear lounge clothes but the pictures were coming out a little boring. Instead of showing you those pictures I wanted to let you guys in on my personality a bit more. I love being adventurous and spontaneous and this was definitely right on that track. Scroll down for all this fun pictures! Enjoy!

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