Glamour Party...

Today is the first of many blog post happening this week. I might go a little crazy this week with blog posting, finals and projects that are due but I want to share with you guys some great ideas for celebrating your birthday and the perfect outfit for the occasion. Yesterday I made a post on Style Guide: Birthday Celebration (Click on link for more information). In this look I wanted to bring out my inner Glamour side and show you how to dress for the night. I love finding unique pieces and this skirt was right on track! I didn't know what I was going to style the skirt with since the skirt has so much details already. I ended up finding this simple top sitting in my closet and it went perfect. Since it is the start of "blog birthday outfits" I needed to celebrate it with balloons! Because what birthday isn't complete if their isn't any balloons involved. Can't wait to share the other post! Don't forget to check them out

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Crop Top BCBG (Similar)
Skirt Virgos Lounge (Exact)
Shoes Christian Louboutin (Similar)
Bracelets Llilly Pulitzer

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  1. Girl your stunning. Love everything to do with this outfit. The background was beautiful as well. Great work. I now want to buy this whole outfit LOVE.


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