H&M near YOU!!!

H&M has opened up a NEW store for us Miamian's. We now have a new location in International Mall. I love that the new location is near residents and we now have more access to all our shopping needs and low prices. The grand opening will be held this THURSDAY at NOON! Make sure to check it and get some goodies while your shopping around the new store. The first 100 shoppers in line will receive an H&M t-shirt and Access to Fashion Pass, valued from $10 to $300 dollars!

H&M has pulled a fashion first in the fashion industry that we live in today. They now have a "garment recycling program". This is something that is truly unique and beneficial to the community. The H&M customers at Miami International Mall can help out the environmental impact by contributing to save natural resources by donating old and unwanted pieces of clothing from any brand and bring them into the store. Once you bring in your pieces you will receive a voucher of 15% OFF your entire purchase for each bag that you bring into the store. In celebration of the grand opening this Thursday they will be offering something even greater for customers that come in before NOON to drop off unwanted clothing pieces. Customers will have the chance to win H&M gift cards valued between $50 and $100 dollars in addition to receiving your 15% OFF voucher.

 Make sure to come in with your unwanted clothing bags!!!           

Have fun shopping in H&M!


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