Throw Back Travel....Hong Kong

Last summer I got to experience China for the second time, which is quite amazing because most people don't even get to experience in their life, so I feel very blessed. The first time I went to China was with FIU for a study abroad program through the school of business. It's a very good program, if your in FIU its a great opportunity to take advantage of. The website is make sure to check it. I also did South Africa through that same program too.

My boyfriend and I decided to go to Hong Kong last summer and we got to see so many interesting things. The city is so modern and so up to date with the technology. Their is a lot of people from the states living there as well which was quite interesting to see. We also visited the small island off of Hong Kong called Macau. It really wasn't what I expected to see. I thought I was going to be entering Vegas from what I have heard people say about the city but it was nothing like that at all, at least to me. They did have the Wynn and MGM which are popular hotels in Vegas so that was similar and the inside of the hotels were very pretty. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

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