This past week I came across this amazing company called "RAZON". RAZON translates to "reason" in Spanish. They are an up in coming luxury lifestyle brand of exotic wooden eyewear based in Miami, Fl. These exotic sunglasses are for both men and women and their quite a fashionable piece for your daily wear. Not only are these sunglasses a fashion statement but they also have meaning behind it. Every eyewear that is sold RAZON partnered up with Eyejusters to provide prescription glasses to three people in the developing world. Not only will you be donating to this great cause but you will also get to see the impact that you have created in someones life with a digital tracking code that is provided when you purchase your RAZON eyewear.

RAZON first collection will include wood pieces from Bamboo, Ebony, and Rosewood. Their logo is very true to Miami which features the symbol of Florida, the flamingo. On March 26, 2014 RAZON will be officially launching during Miami's Winter Music Conference.

Here in Miami the sun in always beaming bright. What better way to block the sun then with RAZON sunglasses!

Which eyewear is your favorite??

<3 Live Up Fashion

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  1. Red brown streaks adds a dramatic flair to black ebony wood when laminated with other woods and then turned to make different handles and various forms of jewelry.


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