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This weekend coming up I'm going to Los Angeles for the "Simply Stylist Fashion and Beauty Conference". I'm really excited to find out more information about the fashion world and just network with different fashion bloggers and met new people from different parts of the world. I wanted to challenge myself to go out there and make myself known to the fashion industry, since hopefully one day I will be working with these ladies has a fashion designer. When I signed up for the Fashion and Beauty conference I didn't realize how big it was going to be until I got an email saying all the things that you needed for this particular day. I started reading through the list and came across "BUSINESS CARDS". I have never considered doing business cards because I haven't attended any fashion blogger events so It never crossed my mind. I thought this would be the perfect time to take advantage of actually making business cards for my blog. I did a lot of research and looked around at different bloggers for ideas. I came across "A Love Affair With Fashion, Love Maegan, Lil bits of Chic and Blingaholic 88" with great ideas for my own business cards so thank you ladies for the great ideas. Hope you guys like the business cards. I really like how they came out!

<3 Live Up Fashion

Business Cards are from Moo

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