Wedding Bells in Austin...

Back in December I attended my cousin's wedding in Austin. The wedding was beautiful! The details were done to a T. Everything came out so great for them. I wish them many years of happiness! I wanted to go with the wedding theme and wear something that was a bit vintage. I have had this dress sitting in my closet for quite some time. I always buy dresses and never have an event to wear it to but I always tell myself that an event will pop up soon.... and it eventually does.. 1 year later.  I would say that I overstock on dresses. My favorite place to buy dresses is in "Neiman Marcus Last Call". They have so many great pieces. My favorite part about this store is that everything is usually one of a kind. The best part of it all, is that its very cheap and affordable. You may not think so, because you atomically hear "Neiman Marcus" and your like forget it. I'm not going there but let me tell you, I have found some really nice designer pieces for almost 60% of the price. They always have sales going on and that's always a plus! The dress has details around the neckline with little stones going all the way down. I wanted to add a little funkiness to the outfit by pairing it with these polka dots Jessica Simpson heels. I love them, the look very retro and it went with the theme prefect-o!  Hope you enjoy this look. 

<3 Live Up Fashion

Shoes Macys

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