Off to the island of Tortola we goooo! This island was probably my favorite. It was nice being able to explore a new destination. The little time that we had on the island was very beautiful. The island is surrounded by all the U.S. Virgin Islands and Tortola is a British Island . All around you, you see mountains and people sail boating from island to island. It was very pretty and something I hadn't seen before. We arrived at 7:00 am and departed at 2:00 pm. I like to sleep on vacation and so does my family. That being said we didn't get off the boat till around 10:00 am and the rest of my family got off even later or didn't even get off at all. They were being sleepy heads! My boyfriend and I rented  a scooter and explored some of the island that way. Their were so many hills to go up. We even got into a accident going up one of the hills. It was very scary but came out alive and only left with some scratches. Thank God! The island was great and I would differently want to go back.

On vacation I like to dress comfortable when traveling to the Caribbean and going to the beaches. This dress was a last minute find in Forever 21. Forever 21 is always a good place to find things, especially when your doing things last minute. Hope you guys enjoy the look! Have a great weekend!

<3 Live Up Fashion

Dress Forever21
Sandals Forever21
Sunglasses Steve Madden

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