Throw Back Travel... Beijing

The weekend is officially almost here!! I'm going to be starting something new on Thursday's.... called "Throw Back Travel" aka "TBT". When I started this blog I wanted to incorporate Fashion with all the traveling that I have done but I didn't know how to work around it and I didn't have much time. I still don't have time but I'm going to make it work! I have two passions in life one is Fashion, of course and the other is traveling. I love to see new places and experience the surroundings of the culture. It's a beautiful feeling to be able to explore and see amazing things that this world has to offer. If I could I would travel all the time but I also need to keep grounded and focus on other stuff too. That doesn't mean that you can't travel on your spare time and this is exactly what I try to do. I travel whenever I have time available. I'm always planning for the next trip even though I may have 3 planned already. It's something that I really love!

I went to the "Great Wall of China" last summer with my boyfriend. I had perviously gone 2 years ago with FIU for a study abroad to Beijing and Shanghai. This time I got to explore the city better and revisit all the tourist attractions with more time. On this day we went to the Great Wall of China, Beijing Zoo and Olympic Park Beijing. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

<3 Live Up Fashion

Top Forever21
Hat Forever21
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Shoes Payless
Purse Marc Jacobs

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