Welcome to the beautiful island of St.Thomas This island never gets old to visit. I have visited the island a few times before already on other cruises and still the views are ALWAYS breath taking. Everywhere you look their is crystal clear blue water surrounding you. We took a tour of the island and explored some hidden gems. The tour driver took us to a private resort. They had this whole private beach just to themselves with amazing views from right to left. The highlight of the tour is when we went to a shopping plaza and saw "Monica" the donkey, drinking beer. Not only did she drink 1 but she had 2 and she loved every bit of it. It was very funny to see. I almost forgot about the clothes!! I was so excited talking about my day.

The clothes.... If you hadn't known already but I love denim. Lately it has been my go to pieces if anything else fails. I have so many different types of denim shirts, jeans, skirts and now this lovely denim jumper. The material is very breath able. Especially for the weather in the St. Tomas and its great for going to the beach and doing outdoor activities. Hope you enjoy the look!

<3 Live Up Fashion

Jumper Forever21
Shoes Target
Sunglasses Steve Madden

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