How to wear thigh high boots...

I'm currently loving the thigh high boot trend. On black Friday I bought my first pair of thigh high boots. I got a great deal in Bakers Shoes for 50% off. Check them out in the link below. I have never owned a pair of those boots. I saw them on Lily Collins in a picture and ever since then I have wanted a pair. It was the way that she wore them and it give the outfit a different look. This blog post is how to wear thigh high boots and what to wear the boots with. That way you don't come out of your house looking like pretty women walking down the street. The key to this post is looking high-fashion in thigh high boots.

<3 Live Up Fashion

Great find in Bakers Shoes


1. Keep your clothes loose and unflattering to the body. 

2. Dark colors on bottom, layered on top 

3. Stay true to your style. Be creative and unique. 

4. Sock it UP!

5. Short skirt, long coat

6. Stocking!

7. Miami Style

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