Giving Thanks....

Our Thanksgiving this year was very simple and laid back. That being said so was my "giving thanks" look. I love cheetah prints and mixing it with these green pants was a perfect fit for the occasion. I paired it with the booties to give it a casual look. We had a large feast of food including ham, pork, turkey, cornbread, rice, black beans, corn, salad and so much more . I decided to do the dessert table full of the yummy stuff. I'm not a great baker but I love the decoration aspect of it. I got the tiny dessert cups and made different flavors of cake. I did apple cider, vanilla and pumpkin and I also did a cheesecake (that was probably the best one). I added little swirls of icing all around it to make it tasty. I have included a picture of my desserts. Hope you enjoy!

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