Carnival Breeze Day 4....

Welcome to the tropical island of Curacao! This island was very peaceful and beautiful. I did absolutely nothing on this island but lounge around, sleep and relax. This is exactly what you need to do on a vacation. Curacao is part of the Netherlands, on the island they speak dutch. The views of the surrounding buildings to be from a post card from Amsterdam. We didn't leave the island until 11:00 p.m which gave us the whole day of exploring the beach and getting to know the area. Later at night we boarded the ship and danced the night away like we usually would. We would do dancing every night and just take in the moment of our vacation without being worried free. Hope you guys enjoy this post. 

<3 Live Up Fashion

Day Outfit

Dress Forever21
Hat Target

Evening Outfit

Jumper Dress Forever21
Crop Top American Apparel 
Shoes Marshall
Headband Discovery

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