First Day of School...

The first day of school can always be nerve wrecking! I tossed and turned all night just thinking about the semester and what is expected to come. I'm taking five classes which I know towards the middle of the semester it is gonna start getting a little crazy. Wearing something comfortable and chic for my first day of school was essential. First impressions are significant in the fashion world. I have wanted to buy a pair of cargo pants for a while but hadn't seen any that I liked until I saw these. These pants I found in Marshall and their from Michael Kors. The top has jewels on the scoop of the neckline which made it easy for me because I didn't have to add a necklace or earrings to it.  Mixing it up with the shoes gives it a different style, and I came across these camouflage flats in target. For my lipstick I started added different color shades and this was the outcome of the color that I created. Have a great weekend!

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Top Target
Cargo Pants Marshall
Shoes Target
Backpack Target

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