Fall Trends 2013

Fall has officially started even though it doesn't feel that way in Miami. It's still very hot here and really SUNNY. I did research on the trends for the Fall season and these are the ones that are trending. 

Statement Coat - This trend isn't something that we can use in Miami but we should still have a coat that we could go to for when it does get cold or even when we travel to cold places in the winter. Try finding a coat that could work for more then one outfit but still has a uniqueness to the coat.

Knit Beanies - I haven't tried this trend yet but its something that I would like to give it a try. It's a fun approach to a different style. It can give your style a different look of grungy and hipster. I found this saying online that I'm differently going to be using "When in doubt, put a beanie on it!" 

Leopard Print - I have loved this trend every since it came out a few seasons ago. The leopard print is so much fun. When your wearing leopard it gives you this confident of sexy and fierce. It's a look that you can either wear during work, a date, evening and so much more. 

Emerald Green - I have never given this color any notice but it's a beautiful color for the fall and especially for evening wear. I'm already thinking of so many ideas for this color. Make sure to check it out when you see it in stores!

Winter White - I never understood why we have to wear dark colors in the fall. So I'm really excited about this trend just because we can still wear light colors and still feel like we are summer or spring. Even though that doesn't effect us Miami-ans.  

Military Style - I already have my military jacket waiting for me in my closet. You can already start seeing this trend popping up in different stores. Make sure to pick up yours.

Classic Prints - Their are so many classic prints that we can use for fall that never gets out of style. Here are a few that will still see people trending in the street which are plaid, tweed and houndstooth. 

Thigh High Boots - These boots could work for anything. You can wear them with a mini skirt, dresses, jeans and even shorts for the winter time. It's something different from your usually ankle boots or knee boots. Build your confidence and give this trend a try!

Big Hair - I really like the big hair trend just because it's something easy to do and doesn't take that long in the morning. Everyone is always in a rush so this trend will be easy to try for the fall. Its a look that could be very flirtatious. 

Shades of Blue - Usually during the fall we always see red nails which is still a popular color to wear but these shades of blue is a new color for this season but still has a fun twist to it and doesn't have to be boring.

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